There are many small and medium size towns in the State which ere not covered by any scheme either under Village Development Board or under Urban Development Department. This scheme under State Plan was therefore launched during 2005-06 for provision of basic infrastructure facilities in smaller towns experiencing fast growth including all district headquarters, ADC, SDO, and EAC headquarters with population above 1500 and other important towns such as industrial or institutional townships.

It is implemented as per approved guidelines which provide for constitution of Local Development Committees (LDCs) in all selected towns for selection, execution and supervision of the schemes. The LDC is set up with administrative head of the town as Chairman, respective Town Planner/ Assistant Town Planner as Member Secretary, Town Council/ Ad hoc Town Committee Chairman as Member and 2 (two) Government nominees.

Admissible schemes are limited to basic infrastructure such as protection works, drainage, waiting sheds, market sheds, footpaths, public toilets, water reservoirs, etc. During the current year Rs. 900 lakhs was earmarked for 71 (seventy one) towns under this scheme.


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