This programme was formulated and initiated by the Department purely on 'Communitisation' approach to empower communities to take up various development works at local level and improve their immediate surroundings by providing necessary funds directly to them. Since its inception in 2004-05, the programme has received good response from the beneficiaries and has succeeded to a certain extent in promoting communitization as an effective mechanism for active public participation and to achieve more effective coverage and sustainable development of assets at local level.

            To ensure proper utilisation of funds, the Department has formulated the 'Guidelines for Communitization Programme' which provides for constitution of 'Neighborhood Development Committee' (NDC) in the selected colonies with representatives from local panchayat, municipal member, youth body, women body & senior citizens. The NDC is responsible for identification of projects, execution & monitoring of all works while the Department is the main facilitator and co-ordinates and oversees all aspects of the programme.

            This scheme was first taken up in two slum areas, Porterlane & Kitsubozou, as a pilot project. So far, it is being implemented in Kohima only, with Agri Colony & North Block selected during 2005-06 and Bayavu, New Minister's Hill and D' Block selected during 2006-07. Though no funds were allocated during 2007-08, it is currently continuing in the selected areas with funds sanctioned earlier.

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